In the Media

Spielplatz has featured in films and documentaries.
Here is a list:

Jon Udry’s ‘ABC Tour’

The Dutch TV program Lauren! documentary that was filmed at Spielplatz in the Summer of 2015.

Carry On Camping : Some of the opening sequence was filmed at Spielplatz: Iseult walking down the clubhouse steps carrying a tray, then a shot of the grounds near some of the cabins.

Confetti: Feature film that was was filmed at Spielplatz. Many of our members that took part are listed as actors in the credits.

Out of Step: Dan Farson interviews the founders of Spielplatz in a documentary about alternative lifestyles. This can be seen on You Tube here. Apparently this was the first time a naked person had been seen on British T.V.

The Naked Village: The infamous documentary that everyone at Spielplatz loathes but surprisingly brought us much publicity and some new members. No such thing as bad publicity!

The One Show The Street Barber sequence was aired in the early eveing. Our website received so many visitors it crashed. You can see some stills from the show on our Gallery page.

Outsiders The National Georaphic channel made a documentay about nudists.

Open Space 1992 Full Frontal: Suzanne Piper’s film about the lifestyle. I can’t find any mention of this on the web. If you know different please get in touch.

Nudist Paradise 1958 film largely filmed at Spielplatz.

Some Like It Cool: Michael Winner film about naturism.

Full Frontal in Flip Flops: Anglia TV program about naturism.

Naked as Nature Intended: The nudist club scenes were filmed at Spielplatz.

VG Newspaper Norway VG is a tabloid newspaper from Norway, from the publicity of ‘The Naked Village’ a VG journalist came and did a feature on Spielplatz. This was then picked up by The Daily Star who ran another feature. We like the VG article, we never gave permission for The Star to use it. You can’t win them all.

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In the Media: a list of Spielplatz featured on television and cinema.